Birth Doula Package

Free Consultation 

Thinking about hiring a doula for the birth of your child? Please contact us to make an appointment for your free consultation with a doula who is available during your due date time frame.

Phone & Email Support 

Throughout your pregnancy and into the early months of parenthood you can rely on your doula to support you via phone or email. 

Prenatal Visit 

Your doula will come to your home for a meeting with you and your partner. During this meeting you can discuss your birth preferences, create a birth plan, and ask any questions about what to expect. Your doula will also prepare you for what early labor will look like, teach you and your partner comfort measures, and discuss when and how to contact her when labor begins. 

Professional Information 

You can count on your doula to provide you with the most up to date information about birth, labor, and pregnancy. She is there for you as a resource in addition to supporting you emotionally and physically during labor. 

During labor 

Your doula's shining moment is throughout your entire labor. From the moment you enter active labor your doula will be by your side within an hour. She will help you determine how your labor is progressing and assist you in deciding when to head to your birthplace. She will also provide comfort measures such as positioning, massage, and emotional support. She will be by your side the entire time unless you decide otherwise. Your doula will also support your partner by reminding them when to take breaks, sleep, eat, and drink. All labors can look different; because of this your doula will do her best to advise you as to when she should join you. Ultimately, the decisions are yours to make and she will honor that every step of the way. 

Baby’s first feeding Support 

Your doula's job isn't over when baby is born. She will stay with you in the hospital, at home, or in the birth center to support you through baby's first feeding. This is usually an hour or two after your child is born. 

Postpartum follow-up visit if requested

If you choose to schedule a postpartum visit your doula will be happy to come visit with you and your new addition. You can ask about any concerns you have for you or your baby. If your doula is unsure of how to help she will refer you to a professional in your community.   Your doula is happy to answer any and all questions to make sure you feel supported and confident in your new role as a mother. She can also provide support and information to your partner and family members during this delicate time. 

Community Referrals

If your doula feels you may need further support in any way related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. your doula can refer you to professionals in your community. 

As doulas, we do not:

Perform any clinical tasks

We do not perform any medical procedures and do not provide any medical advice. 

Make decisions for you 

As part of your support network our job is to inform you and help you make decisions. We will always give you our opinions if you ask but the last word is meant for you. 

Speak to the staff on your behalf

We can help you by providing information and gentle reminders about previous discussions, but we will not communicate directly to staff on your behalf.

Project any of our own beliefs onto your experience

This is your birth. We believe in you and your decisions. No matter what we will always be there to support you.

Please contact us for information regarding your investment.

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