Sara Piccioni

Owner of DTB

Sara started DTB to support women in her community the way her doula supported her. She started her own pregnancy with so many unanswered questions and almost no understanding of what her options were when it came to labor, delivery, and prenatal care.


As your doula, she will care for you the way she would support her own family and friends. Her goal is for her clients to feel safe and at ease with her support. Her mission is to provide birth support and education so that you may make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. She believes every woman deserves to look back fondly at her birth experience, whether it's her first or last. Sara doesn't want anyone to have to get it right the next time around. 

Labor Doula
Postpartum Doula
Birth Educator 

"Our job as doulas is not only to support the laboring person but to help her partner to understand what is normal in labor and how he/she can support her too."  -Sara

We also partner with... 

Dina Piccioni

Dina's goal is to provide women with strong support before, during, and after labor so that each of her clients may remember their birth story through beautiful memories. Her call to become a doula was based on her own experiences without a birth coach. When each of her three children were born she felt things didn't go the way she had hoped.


Her first child was born via c-section due to a cascade of interventions and a nervous wreck for a husband. Dina's husband was by her side with each birth but he wasn't sure how to offer her relief, or how to coach her through the process with confidence. Whether your partner is hands-on or faint at the sight of blood, Dina is able to offer support to her clients and their partners.

Labor Doula
Postpartum Doula

Jessica Smith 

Jessica joined DTB as a backup birth doula, but she means so much more to us! In the event that Dina and/or

Sara have a family emergency or severe illness Jessica is able to offer DTB clients a wholesome pregnancy experience when it comes to health and wellness. She is a certified health coach and an essential oils specialist with the 4-1-1 on all those secret pregnancy and labor scents and their uses. 

Jessica is also currently on her own pregnancy journey. She and her husband have been working to start their family for several years now. With the help of modern science they are now expecting their sweet little one in December!

Labor Doula

Health Coach

doTERRA Essential Oils Educator


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